• Revibe® Refresh Shampoo: There's no better way to rejuvenate your hair than with Refresh Shampoo! This unique cleansing formula is made with high quality natural ingredients that keep hair healthy, strong, and full of life.

  • Revibe® Restore Conditioner: Restore Conditioner is nutrient infused and specially designed to restore moisture and make hair silky and smooth. Our ultra-moisturizing formula helps prevent dry, frizzy hair leaving your luscious locks smooth and gentle to the touch.

  • Revibe® Revamp Magic Spray: Magic in a bottle! Revamp Magic Spray is a unique untangling formula that will revive hair from top to bottom! This aloe-based formula is lightweight, gentle, and can be used daily. Apply Revamp Magic Spray onto hair before brushing to help your brush glide through and prevent breakage.

  • Revibe® Recharge Silk Drop 1.7oz: Silk Drops will leave you hair softer than silk! This highly-concentrated argon-oil is specially designed to smooth, protect and reseal ends of hair while adding infallible shine. Apply before heat-styling for added thermal protection.

  • Revibe® Repair Treatment: Say goodbye to dry, thirsty hair! Repair Treatment is rich in Jojoba Oil and other essential minerals to revitalize broken, damaged or dry hair. Our specially infused formula locks and seals nutrients keeping hair healthy, shiny and strong.